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Sharing Tree Collection

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Sharing Tree Gift (green tags) Collection Date – Dec. 3, 2017 at church

Impact Store (red tags) closes – Dec. 22, 2017

NEW!    Cyber Monday Matching Grant on Mon., Nov. 27

The Charles J. Strosacher Foundation will match dollar for dollar for purchases made through the online Sharing Tree Impact Store on Cyber Monday, Nov. 27.  If you aren’t a computer user but want to participate in the match, United Way will be happy to assist you with cash or check purchases through the store in their office that day.

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December 03
9:00 am – 1:00 pm

Memorial Presbyterian Church

MPC Direction Statement: We are a welcoming community of faith for all people; sharing, growing in and living the Good News of Jesus Christ.

This group is for EVERYONE who joins Memorial Presbyterian Church on The City.

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